Inheriting an Ice Cream Scoop

A Legacy of Family Stories

This storytelling performance answers the essential question: Which lasts longer – ice cream or the story of ice cream?

Enjoy Nancy’s poignant and hilarious family tales that have endured from one generation to the next:
♦ a story behind a quirky family expression
♦ the mythology of a mysterious uncle
♦ the origin of a father’s unusual lullaby
♦ an epic journey of a cat named Kitty Boy Sobel
♦ the priceless heirloom of an outdated encyclopedia
♦ a green dog and a great teacher

At the end of Nancy’s performances, audience members are always heard saying, “That reminds me of a story.”   This is Nancy’s goal: to encourage her listeners to gather and rediscover their own family stories— a rich inheritance!

Performances and Workshops for:

♦ Intergenerational Events

♦ Schools

♦ Adult Groups

♦ Family Gatherings

♦ Holiday Celebrations

 Nancy with her beloved father, Nate Shapiro,
who bequeathed a treasure of stories

“Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny’s extraordinary talent and passion touched each generation of women in our sisterhood.”
– Andrea Yusim Meltzer, Program Chairperson

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