Jewish Storytelling

“Nancy is a most engaging storyteller who skillfully, with both pathos and humor, weaves personal tales into life lessons for us all.”
– Rabbi Carl Wolkin, Congregation Beth Shalom

Nancy’s programs include folktales and personal stories for adults, families and children; revealing the rich oral tradition of the Jewish people; tales of the endearing fools of Chelm, Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav, Jewish communities in Turkey and Afghanistan, adventures of immigrant Jews who came to the Goldena Medina of America in search of freedom and a better life. This journey of humor and wisdom is steeped in the folklore, melodies, culture and history of Jewish life.

♦ From Minsk to Michigan: A Suitcase of Stories
♦ Oh Pumpernickel! Tales from Chelm
♦ Apples and Honey
♦ Tales of Tikkun Olam
Inheriting an Ice Cream Scoop: The Legacy of Family Stories
♦Opening the Door for Elijah
A Window of Beauty: A Story from the Holocaust

“Nancy’s story ‘A Window of Beauty’ is exactly what is needed to educate and personalize the Holocaust.”
– Richard S. Hirschhaut, Executive Director Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Performances and Workshops for:
♦ Day Schools & Hebrew Schools
♦ Adult Groups
♦ Book Fairs
♦ Holiday Celebrations
♦ Intergenerational Events

Nancy has performed at the prestigious National Storytelling Festival Exchange Place, the Chicago Jewish Folk Arts Festival, The Children’s Holocaust Memorial in Tennessee, and synagogues and schools near and far. Her artistry as a storyteller has been recognized in the Jewish community as an exemplary model for education, entertainment and cultural transmission.

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