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Schools. . .

“Nancy is a gifted storyteller, who understands children and knows, in her intuitive manner how to reach them.”
– Lori B. Sagarin, Director Congregational Learning Temple Beth Israel

“I’ll never forget Nancy’s stories and teachings. Beautiful in content and gentle in her delivery. It is a joy to watch her artistry unfold.”
– Judy Mars Kupchan, Director Florence Melton Adult School, North America

“Nancy’s performances are a fascinating and unique combination of math and storytelling. Mathematically Ever After is a lively and dynamic learning experience!”
– Joanne Fuller, elementary school teacher in gifted education

“Nancy sparks the imagination of our children and encourages them as budding readers, writers and storytellers themselves.”
– Joann Dardick, Early Childhood Education Specialist

“Thank you for sharing your talents with Evanston Township High School students.  There were so many positive comments afterwards.  I look forward to welcoming you back next year.”
– Betsy Gustein, social studies teacher

“Cheers rise up from our students and teachers when they hear her stories.”
– Holly Rosenberg, Administrator, Solomon Schechter Day School

“You kept the audience’s attention for the entire hour. The students were the best I have ever seen them.  Absolutely Amazing!”
– Heather Niemi, teacher – West Ashley Middle School, Charleston, SC

“You are a treasure!  Thank you for another stellar program.”
–  Cynthia Lerner, Jewish community leader and professional

“I was riveted by your story today, and want to thank you for giving me and the students such a powerful narrative. You really are a gifted storyteller.”
– Susan Dorn, Learning Resource Specialist Middle School

“Nancy is a storyteller who makes you feel as if you are actually in the story.”
– Alaina, junior high student

“She’s better than a movie!”
– Ariel, elementary school student

“You brought out the storytelling ability in me.  As long as I live I will never forget you.  I hope I can visit and tell stories to 2nd grade.”
– Aliza, elementary school student

“Mrs. S-P, I love your storytelling. When you look at me, I feel that I‘m a really special girl.”
–  Yael, 2nd grader

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Festivals and Community Events. . .

“Nancy’s storytelling is rich, vibrant and entertaining. Her humor shines through at the most unexpected moments.”
– Connie Regan-Blake, storyteller, winner Lifetime Achievement Award

“Recent medical research suggests there is an ‘intelligence of the heart.’  Nancy’s storytelling at our Illinois Storytelling Festival has confirmed this scientific speculation.  Her telling is a feast of wisdom and compassion- a can’t miss.”
– Jim May, author, storyteller, festival organizer

“Nancy is a most engaging storyteller who skillfully, with both pathos and humor, weaves personal tales into life lessons for us all.”
– Rabbi Carl Wolkin, Congregation Beth Shalom

“Nancy builds bridges with her stories; inviting us into the richness of Jewish tradition, entertaining and inspiring all.”
 – Fred Berchtold , Methodist Minister

“Nancy’s voice is authentic; confident and lovely in its humor; warm and open hearted.”
– Angela Lloyd,  storyteller, teacher and musician

“Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny’s extraordinary talent and passion touched each generation of women in our sisterhood.”
– Andrea Yusim Meltzer, Program Chair & business and community leader

“The storytelling experience with Nancy was exceptional. An absolute pleasure!  When she led us in song, I wanted to dance!  Meeting Nancy was another special moment on my spiritual journey.”
– Alice Carroll, Wheaton Franciscans, Animator, Sister Support Services

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Holocaust Education and Commemoration. . .

“A beautiful and moving story. . . Even after all these weeks, parents are still coming up to me and telling me how much Nancy’s story meant to their children.  A Window of Beauty served to make students more sensitive to others; changing attitudes and opening hearts.”
– Linda Hooper, Principal of Whitwell Middle School featured in documentary film ‘Paper Clips’

“A Window of Beauty is exactly what is needed to educate and personalize the Holocaust.”
– Richard S. Hirschhaut, Executive Director Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

“After experiencing Nancy’s telling of A Window of Beauty, I can truthfully say I have never been more moved by a storytelling performance in my life.”
– Hawk Hurst, Festival Director, musician and storyteller

“You really worked your magic!  I have NEVER seen my students so attentive.  Your love of people and your generous heart shined through your story.  My students were enriched by the experience.  I think that hour of your story will be what they remember this year about their study of the Holocaust.  I couldn’t ask for a better memory.”
– Barbara Minkus, Teacher

“Nancy’s program is worth bringing back to Charleston.  I’ve told a number of people about ‘A Window of Beauty’ and I have a hard time explaining without getting emotional.”
-Jonathan Sanchez, poet – Charleston, SC

“Poignant, moving, haunting, hopeful.  These are just some of the words that my students used to describe Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny’s presentation of A Window of Beauty.  Rutie and Friedl’s story brings the Holocaust to a generation so far removed, as to almost view it as a tale from Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Nancy artfully presents the reality of the Holocaust by personalizing this story in a unique and touching way.  My students were completely mesmerized.”
– Lori B. Sagarin, Director of Congregational Learning Temple Beth Israel

“Thank you for opening A Window of Beauty at our library.  Your gentle presentation was ever so powerful in the selection of words and the drawings that together brought everything to life.”
– A. Denise Farrugia, St. Charles Public Library, Illinois

“I appreciate your passion for the Holocaust and for keeping the memory alive for all of us.  Thank you for being a ‘witness’ for our students.  The portrayal of research, stories and artwork was certainly a revealing and compassionate view of these two heroes. . . and it was such an important aspect to our children’s education and personal history.”
-Dr. Gerri Spinella, Assistant Principal Caruso Middle School, Deerfield, IL

“A Window of Beauty was possibly the most meaningful Holocaust Remembrance Day program I have ever been a part of. We were spellbound. It was an extraordinary experience.”
– Judith S. Grossbard, educator and administrator

“Very moving.  I loved this storyteller!”
– Middle School Parent

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“Nancy is a talented, warm and caring educator who has made a real impact on the children and families she works with.”
– Dr. Alan J. Levy, parent and clinical social worker

“Nancy is an extraordinary, wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime teacher.  She is honest and kind.  And she is smart.”
– Mel Patrell Furman, parent and writer

“Here’s a story about Mrs. S-P and me: Once upon a time there was a boy who had the best teacher in the world. The teacher loved to tell stories and the boy loved to listen.”
-Daniel, elementary school student

“I remember reading a few years ago about adults who attempted to seek out that one teacher who had made the greatest difference and had the biggest impact in their lives.  Well, fortunately we don’t have to look too far or wait that long – you, Nancy, are right here.”
– Janis Sacks, parent

“Nancy provides a wonderful, creative and positive environment for children; most importantly for inspiring creativity and individuality.  We have two children, who are already part of her fan club and look forward to when our youngest child can learn the ins and outs of storytelling, blowing bubbles, whistling and feet soaking.”
– Janine Hoffman, parent

“I feel like I am on a treasure hunt, collecting the special traditions of your 2nd grade classroom each day.  I am so excited to watch the story of your teaching unfold for your students.”
– Rabbi Sheryl Katzman, principal

“You are my best teacher.  I tell my dog all about you.”
– Ali, 2nd grader

“You give children wings through your teaching and your spirit.  There are so many kids out there soaring because of your influence.”
– Lori Dube, parent

“Not a day goes by that Nancy is not the subject of some story in our home.  She lit a fire under our son when it comes to reading and storytelling.  And that is not an easy thing to do!”
– Maura Weisner, parent

“You never cease to amaze.  You jump on every teachable moment and encourage the kids to share so much of themselves in the classroom.  We are all touched that my grandfather’s poems came alive yesterday in 2nd grade.
–  Judy Rosenberg, parent and educator

“As a teacher, mentor and friend you have affected me in ways that will continue to shape my character for the rest of my life.”
– Gabe, college student and former 2nd grader

“Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny is undoubtedly one of the best teachers I have ever come across, at any educational level. Her ability to touch each student, to brighten their intellects and emotions, and to communicate the depth of her personality with parents and students is exceptional.”
– Professor Alexander Tsesis, parent

“Your humor, your kindness, your generosity of spirit and most of all your ability to see and honor each child as an individual, make you the extraordinary teacher and person that you are.”
– Judy Salzman, parent

“The image of a ‘firekeeper’ is appropriate for you because you keep the fire for learning burning brightly in your classroom.  Your love of teaching and love of children is evident in my son’s daily enthusiasm for school.”
– Dr. Elysa Barack Fisher, parent

“Thank you for teaching all of our children! Thank you for loving them and inspiring them and opening the doors of life-long learning for them.”
 – Rachel Stein, parent

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